Have You Considered Working In HR?


Image via net_efekt on Flickr creative commons

Given the generally precarious state of the British jobs market at present, you could be forgiven for wanting to try your hand at something else. Many people are finding their ambitions are being thwarted as a result of the ongoing economic upheaval we’ve seen over the last few years, and so now could be a good time to learn some new skills and try your luck in a different profession altogether. There are of course many different paths you could take, but talented, hardworking human resources – or HR, if you prefer – workers are always in demand. So what is HR, and why should you consider a career in it?

An article from eHow.com points out that most medium or large-scale employers are likely to need an HR professional to help them keep things ticking over. Human resources involves a range of different tasks, mainly centred on staffing, remuneration and training. As an HR professional, you’ll find yourself attending to a number of important function, including but not limited to interviewing and integrating new members of the team, payroll administration and organising the ongoing training of employees. As HR encompasses a fairly diverse range of functions, it’s not hard to see why so many people are attracted to the profession. Workers with particularly outgoing personalities and who relate well to other people are particularly likely to be sought-after in human resources.

Another aspect to remember is that working in HR means you may need to be a Jack – or, of course, Jill – of all trades, so to speak. It helps to be adaptable, as you’re likely to have to keep on top of a wide variety of different tasks. You’ll need to be well organised so that you can keep tabs on all the various roles you’ll have to fulfil. However, not all HR professionals work in this manner. Some work as part of a large team, and so their role is more focused on one or a limited number of areas.

According to Monster.com, another key advantage of working in human resources is that it offers a range of different options for career progression – something which is likely to be music to the ears of anyone who currently finds themselves trapped in a dead-end job. The complex nature of some of the tasks involved means that skilled workers are usually in high demand. Among the other roles you’ll be expected to attend to as an HR professional, you’ll also need to have a reasonably in-depth knowledge of welfare and employment law. It’s not hard to see, then, how you can continue to progress and develop your own skills as an HR worker.

Whether you want to play an integral role in an organisation or you simply enjoy helping your colleagues match their full potential, a career in HR could open up a whole wealth of opportunities for you. If you’re curious about the possibility of embarking on a human resources career, it’s well worth finding out more about how you can go about obtaining the skills you need. HR courses are a great way to take that crucial first step on the road to a rewarding career in human resources.


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