IT – Which Roles Are Currently Most In Demand?


Image via Shane Pope on Flickr creative commons

The world of IT recruitment continues to move at a rapid pace as companies look to employ a huge variety of specialists to manage their IT systems and infrastructure. The type of people being sought by large companies changes regularly, but at the moment it appears to be technical roles that are pushing the market forward.

One skill in great demand is knowledge of HTML5, the fifth revision of the html standard code which is used to structure and present data through web pages. According to a recent report published by market research firm Forrester, some of the world’s leading online brands including technology firm Apple and US consumer electronics and technology retailer Best Buy have started to make use of HTML5 on their desktop websites. The aim is to improve the online experience for customers with the latest versions of web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox. It is inevitable that more companies will follow suit and the uptake of HTML5 will gather pace as more businesses look to make use of its features. As a result, options for developers with experience of HTML5 have increased considerably.

Demand for people skilled in creating web pages has grown rapidly in recent months. The need for businesses to have clear, well laid out websites is as critical now as it ever has been and yet there are many companies out there that have inferior websites. As an increasing number of businesses recognise the potential for growth online and the possibilities that are out there when it comes to winning new customers, demand for skilled web designers will no doubt continue to grow as more firms look to build and refresh their online presence.

According to e-skills, the British sector skills council for business and information technology, approximately 129,000 people are needed to step into IT roles every year in the UK simply to keep up with growth in the sector. The organisation has said there are roles available across the industry, from positions for web developers to software engineers. Pay scales range considerably from around £350 a week for a database assistant to in excess of £800 a week for ICT managers.

At the start of the year US News published its report on the Best Jobs of 2012 and up there in the top 10 was computer programmer. A year on and this role is one that attracts a large number of people thanks to excellent job prospects, high satisfaction levels and competitive salaries. The February report also had web developer right up there as a top job, along with software developer.

However, despite the prevalence of jobs available via leading IT recruitment agency specialists and the impressive benefits and compensation packages attached to a large number of these roles, the industry continues to be highly competitive and experience is no guarantee of a job for life as a number of top executives have recently discovered. In November 2012, Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft’s Windows division left the company with immediate effect shortly after the launch of Windows 8 – the latest edition of the US company’s flagship product. A shake up at Apple took place shortly before, with Scott Forstall, head of the technology firm’s iOS software division leaving following the disastrous launch of Apple’s own mapping app.


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