10 ways to give your business card a touch of originality


Image via Flickr Creative Commons from Ran Yaniv Hartstein

Business people – and designers in particular – love the idea of having something shiny and individual to leave as their calling card.

The sheer capability of modern desktop publishing and design software packages means that just about any original idea can be transformed into a two-dimensional, wallet or purse-sized card which can be given out whenever appropriate.

The following are all genuine ideas which have been put into practice to produce business cards with a difference – although the author can’t vouch for the success or otherwise of any of them:

  1. Vary your card from the usual staple of stock typefaces. You might, for example, want to include the card-holder’s name in a type of script designed to mimic handwriting. Be sure, though, that the important information – full address, email and website details – are in a typeface which is easy to read.
  2. Add a subtle, but distinctive border. This can be very effective in making it easy to find your card from among a pile of plain ones. It’s a good way of emphasising the details contained on it too.
  3. Vary the colours. If members of your workforce have differently-coloured calling cards, you might even bring out the inner collector in some people, and prompt them to want to build up their own set.
  4. Experiment with textures. You can use some embossed lettering or a logo to give a card a different feel, which will make it easy to pick out from a wedge of boring, 2-D designs.
  5. Make your card a play on a familiar theme, such as a playing card, or a collectors’ card
  6. Include some distinctive, even unique, artwork. Technology has made it easy to reproduce any design, so why not adapt a shape you find especially eye-catching to make an original motif?
  7. How about trying a different shaped card? Nowhere does it say that your business card absolutely has to be rectangular. It does, though, have to fit into a wallet, so you could make it an oval shape or that of a perpendicular triangle perhaps. That way, it’s sure to stand out in anyone’s wallet or purse from all the more run-of-the-mill designs out there.
  8. Why not have a 3-D business card, in the shape of a keyring, coin-holder or similarly useful small device? If your business card has another use aside from the obvious one, then you’re well on the way to getting the attention you seek.
  9. Have a business badge, instead of a card – If you were a fan of pin or stick-on badges when you were younger, you could carry your enthusiasm through into coming up with an original business card idea. You don’t have to include all your relevant details on the outward-facing side of the badge, just as long as they are on there somewhere. Maybe your company logo will make an eye-catching badge design?
  10. Finally, how about not making your business card a card at all, but a sew-on patch? That way, you’ll certainly grab the attention, and again, you can break out of the usual conventions regarding its shape to come up with something that’s equally attractive yet still does the job of the traditional calling card.






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