How To Draw Passers-By Into Your Store


Image via Flickr creative commons from rocksee

If you’re the proud owner of a small business or plans are underway for your start-up company, one thing for sure is that you’ll want to ensure you are attracting as many customers as possible. If your business is located in your local town centre and you want to drum up more sales, you have to know how to get the customers interested. So I’ve compiled some top tips to help you draw passers-by into your store.

Make an attractive window display

If your shop is located in an area with great foot traffic, create a great window display that tells a story. Remember that your window display has to be an invitation to the passer-by, so make sure it encourages impulse sales and peaks a customer’s curiosity. It could even tug at their heartstrings, depending on what industry you work in. Getting people emotionally involved will go a long way to encouraging the tinkle of your door bell to ring.

Put the best to the front

Have you ever noticed that restaurant owners are crafty in where they choose to place you? If they haven’t had much business they’ll ensure that they seat everyone near the window (so you can get a better view). What this does is make it look popular which will convince a passer-by to stop there to eat. It’s the same with a store; wheel out your most impressive products and display them in front of your shop. Shiny and attractive goods will grab people’s attention and turn them into customers.

Host a grand opening

This is the perfect way for start-up businesses to catch people’s attention right from the beginning. Provide food, offer prizes and serve up a whole host of entertainment to make the big day memorable. You could collect names and addresses of customers or ask for their business cards to build up a base of contacts.

Offer workshops

You can boost foot traffic into your store without even directly selling products to your customers. Host some workshops to get the local community involved with what you do. If you’re the owner of a bakery, you may wish to hold a cake decorating workshop – charge entry or booking fees and encourage people to post photos of their efforts on social media networks to spread publicity for your shop.

Hold a fundraising event

Supporting a local charity by holding a fundraising event will get the whole local community involved as well as drum up potential new customers for your business. You could hold bake sales, bring and share lunches, or even a walkathon. Arrange for a formal presentation of your donation and make sure you inform the local newspaper to drum up PR.

Good advertising

Last but perhaps most importantly of all, make sure your business is advertised in all the right places. You could advertise in newspapers, magazines, with a website, with coupons, or even by displaying signs in front of your shop. UKPoS pavement signs can be used to promote a sale or special offer that you have on in-store, as well as to advertise what products you sell. Once you’ve caught shoppers’ attention, you can wow them with great customer service to ensure that they keep on returning.


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