Five office tasks that you should consider outsourcing


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Outsourcing is something a lot of companies do, but if you are new to the practice it can be confusing as you try to decide what you can continue to do within your own firm and what would be better if it was passed on to a specialist company.

There are many benefits of outsourcing, as it can leave your staff members free to concentrate on other tasks that need to be completed in-house. It can also save enterprises money, while they are able to outsource their work either within the UK or to another country, which is known as offshoring.

So, if you are thinking of outsourcing some of your office tasks then where do you start when it comes to deciding what to choose? Here is a list of some jobs that lend themselves well to this way of working.

Admin tasks

Many of the admin tasks required in an office are essential to keep everything running smoothly, but are simple to complete and do not require a great amount of skill. Things such as typing and proof-reading, producing presentations, researching and maintain tracking spreadsheets can all be outsourced, while your enterprise will maintain original files and documentation so that if anything were to go wrong, it could easily be fixed.


Marketing is essential for enterprises, as it is this that helps to build the brand, establish public perception and promote the business. Without some form of marketing, companies would simply exist with no way of attracting business and establishing a customer base.

Because of this, it’s essential that marketing is done correctly, which is why is it something that is well worth outsourcing, unless you can afford to employ your own in-house marketing team.

Call centres

Call centres are perhaps one of the most often-outsourced tasks within enterprises. If your company is a customer-facing firm such as a retailer or a service provider, the sheer volume of calls you are likely to receive means you will need a large team of people to deal with customers satisfactorily. This is expensive and time-consuming, so in many cases it is better to employ the services of a specialist call centre provider.

A live telephone answering service with Moneypenny could be one solution, or you can get in touch with a company that provides a full set of services. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you do your research and ensure your consumers the high levels of service you would expect.

Accounting tasks

Like marketing, this is something that can be completed in-house if you can afford to employ your own team of accountants. However, there are many specialist firms that will provide a full range of services, such as billing, financial statements and tax preparation if you are self-employed. If you run a small business, you can rely on payroll processing services to deal with salary admin and the payment of wages.

Accounting is something that you cannot afford to get wrong, so it is something that may be well worth outsourcing.

HR administration

Human resources encompasses a lot things within a company and depending on the size of your workforce, keeping on top of everything can be a challenging task. Management of things such as holiday records and personal data can all be outsourced to a specialist provider.

As you can see, many aspects of running an office can be outsourced and, providing you find a reliable company, this can make your job a lot easier and improve the running of your company.