Why Your Business Might Benefit From Switchboard Support


Image via Flickr creative commons from starmanseries

Those people charged with operating a business’s switchboard are very likely to be those with whom a person first makes contact.

As a result, the kind of service they receive really matters, for the following reasons:

– the promptness with which their call is answered can be seen as an indicator of the kind of efficiency with which they can expect to be dealt on an ongoing basis

–  many people feel reassured by being able to speak to familiar voices when they are in telephone contact with a company, or at the very least, someone who sounds authoritative, and so appears to know their way around the business, and to whom they should direct specific enquiries

– those who contact a company by phone expect to be able to speak to someone who does not have to juggle such duties with several others, and so will have the requisite knowledge of how to handle specific types of telephone query, and will not break off their call by having to ask questions of one of their colleagues

– if a call should be directed to a salesperson or the department dealing with such enquiries, it should be passed on as quickly as possible, so that the chance is not missed to capture that sale

–  professional switchboard support will mean fewer abandoned calls, as people will get prompt attention and so gain a more favourable impression of the company which they are calling

– it will reduce the need for other staff to be diverted from their regular duties to deal with telephone enquiries

–  the caller will gain a positive impression of the company as one which sees that initial contact with people outside as a vital step towards a possible sale, or securing new business

– a professional switchboard operator will know the basics of using such systems, such as how to quickly transfer calls, how to handle callers who need to be placed on hold for any length of time, and is likely to quickly pick up a company’s accepted forms of salutation and any prescribed ways of handling calls, and finally

– such people will be totally dedicated to such a task, so a caller will not get the impression that handling their enquiry is merely one of a string of tasks which the handler has to deal with.

It’s important for any business to realise that a phone conversation is a two-way process, which begins from the moment when the phone is picked up. So the ability to sound authoritative and efficient, without being cold and detached, is one of the main attributes of any switchboard operator.

Any business of any size can get switchboard support information easily by going online. Its managers may well also be surprised at the positive results which can thereby be achieved, not least because they will soon see how important that initial contact with an external caller can be, but also because an efficient call handling service will cut down on the amount of time people can waste in dealing with enquiries which divert them from their principal tasks.